Religion news 23 November

Rabbi warns against relaxing lockdown rules: “It is not religious to give someone Covid for Christmas”; Rigpa Fellowship “mismanagement and misconduct”; Is a government faith engagement department on the cards?

Religion news 20 November

Church of England split on the cards if rules on sexuality are changed; funeral company says banning collective worship has devastating impact; Muslim leaders in France required to accept a charter of republican values

Religion news 19 November

Dean Martyn Percy steps aside in a saga which ‘has more bizarre twists than The Crown’; Starmer bans Corbyn after Jewish community’s outrage over his readmission to party; Police uniform in New Zealand includes a hijab

Religion news 18 November

£1.8million to help build tolerant society; Jewish Labour Movement criticises Jeremy Corbyn’s re-instatement after antisemitism row; Council takes court action to close Christian bookshop which flouted lockdown rules

Religion news 17 November

Police crack down on Christians’ resistance to lockdown; Macron rails against English language media over reports of recent murders; 300 faith organisations support charity events on Mitzvah Day